Below is a short list of references and Feedback for works done by Eric Husk.

"Eric is a very competent and dedicated manager who knows his products and his clients."
-Kylie Cook, Northwest Territory Manager, EAS
(on Eric's ownership of Nutri-Sport)
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"There's such a personal and passionate feeling about you and the work that you do… you're very adaptable."
-NM Dupont 2006
(on her website
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"Eric has helped make Nutri-Sport Castro the top vitamin and supplement store in San Francisco."
"I am completely confident in Eric's leadership abilities…."
-Andy Reichert, Northwest Territory Manager, Nature's Best
(on his ownership of Nutri-Sport)
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"Whatever related problems might have arisen, he always gave it his prompt attention and intent to resolve.... There were never any complaints against him."
-Breda Conneely, Property Manager (2007)
(on Eric as a tenant)
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"He is thorough and organized, but maintains a solid understanding of the bigger picture. I would recommend him as a hard worker in any given environment."
-Mr. David A Farrell, Managing Director Bell Atlantic Communications, London (UK)
(on his Project Management and completion)
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"You are fabulous. You are the PERFECT addition to our team."
"If asked, I would highly recommend him for any job he says he can do."
-Maureen McCulloch
(on TDS marketing work 2006 - see Portfolios
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"Mr Husk demonstrated a dynamic personality which… enabled him to face and adapt to the great diversity of situations…."
-Corine Pierre, English Teacher and Colleague, Lycée Louis Rascol (France)
(on his tenure as High School teacher)
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"You are such the man, it totally looks so much better. Not bad at all for 2 days hard work !!"
-Jeff Riley
(on his website update 2006
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"he achieved his goals…"
-Mme Bernadette Curato, English Teacher and Colleague, Lycée Louis Rascol (France)
("atteignant ainsi l'objectif souhaité")
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"Thanks Eric, I love sharing these with the team….it gets everyone excited. Can we get you to sign this [release] form so we can use your [presentation] on the website…..everyone loved it!!!!"
-Matthew Collins, CEO Metromint
(on animated photo presentation done in Flash 2006

"loved it, soo great!!!"
-Elizabeth Cline
(on webwork 2006

"We are happy to employ Eric Husk."
-Maria Macarty, Head of Finance
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London (UK)
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"I would recommend him for any position…"
-Bernie Kinney, Director HR
Coherent Laser Group (Santa Clara, CA)
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Bachelor of Arts, San Jose State University, 1997
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Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française
DALF certification, 1995
(Advanced Diploma of the French Language)
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Humanities Program completion certificate, 1995
2-year Honors program at SJSU
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Writing Skills Test - Perfect Essay, 1995
Qualified for 100w English Waiver
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Coach's Award, 1993
Player of the Year
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Grade 8 USSF Soccer Referee (current)
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